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Global Collaboration Day 2016: Lichen Peace Stands #WithRefugees

Join us on Global Collaboration Day – 9/15/16 – for a collaborative activity, telling the world why it’s so important for every child to have access to an education and a safe place to live.

AlpacaBox Meme 1Student Peace Project 2016: #AlpacaBox Challenge

Each fall the Lichen Peace Project will host a multi-school, collaborative problem-solving challenge. For our inaugural 2016 project, the Alpaca Box Challenge connects students from different schools in order to learn about shared human needs and use that knowledge to create a box to send to refugee children from Syria.

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Fun fact: Did you know alpacas are social animals?
  In fact, their herds sometimes even include other animals
 like llamas, goats, or sheep.

Uniting Students in Peace-making