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The Lichen Peace Project unites students around the world through resources and activities that:
– embrace diversity
– cultivate peace-makers, and
– make the world a better place.


About the Founders:

Nancye Blair Black and Anna Clarke have been working together for several years to explore the role and practice of peace education and global citizenship in the digital age. The Lichen Peace Project is their collaborative effort to turn research and vision into action and mission. They received an Ursula Thrush Peace Seed Grant from the American Montessori Society in 2016 to use toward the creation of the Lichen Peace Project’s inaugural program: the Alpaca Box Challenge.

Anna Clarke is a middle school educator at Lakeland Montessori Middle School in Lakeland, FL. Find her on Twitter: @AnnaLMMS

Nancye Blair Black, MA is an award-winning educator and consultant. She is the President of the Florida Society for Technology in Education and serves on the board for the Lakeland Montessori Schools in Lakeland, FL. Find her on Twitter: @NancyeBlackEdu



Uniting Students in Peace-making